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Peter Csipak, Founder of Immobilia Ltd.

Csipak Péter

Peter Csipak is a real estate developer and investor, founder of Immobilia Ltd. The main goal of the company, which celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, is to contribute to boosting commercial life in the city centre. Peter Csipak is the one who envisioned the thematic high street now known as Fashion Street in the heart of Budapest. His mission is to establish emblematic urban developments in the centre Budapest, which are not only reinventing the city’s landscape, but are positively effecting the image of Hungary.

Peter Csipak believes in developments, which protect the valuable architectural heritage of the city, while applying modern and innovative solutions to keep up with the latest commercial trends. By doing so, Peter Csipak grants Budapest the image and rank of a European city through preserving the historical heritage in harmony with reflecting contemporary motifs. The developer envisioned Fashion Street in the beginning of 2000 and to this very day this is the only Central-European thematic high street, which is renovated and acquired by the same company and also operates as a unique brand.

Peter Csipak had never let go of his progressive and grand vision: that is why the hundred-year-old Deák Palota had become one of the most elegant office buildings in Budapest, and was awarded a special prize in the FIABCI competition in 2005, receiving the Pro Architectura award in 2008 from the Hungarian Real Estate Alliance as well. Peter Csipak and the company’s goal is to revive Budapest’s historic centre by monumental thematic urban developments and investments.


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